I’ve been seeing a lot of chatter about this recent study that seems to indicate that animal protein is positively correlated with mortality, in particular for individuals ages 50 to 65. Here is the article: http://www.forbes.com/sites/alicegwalton/2014/03/04/the-protein-puzzle-meat-and-dairy-may-significantly-increase-cancer-risk/ Here is the study: http://www.cell.com/cell-metabolism/fulltext/S1550-4131(14)00062-X Here are my thoughts: We have to be really careful with epidemiology-based studies. As […]

This is a picture of my abs. No, seriously. My relationship with so-called “core training” has evolved considerably over the years. I started out doing a lot of traditional core work, because that’s what Arnold says to do in Arnold: The Education of a Bodybuilder, which I read when I was 15 years old. I […]

Witness the vulture. So beautiful, so majestic. The forward protruding head and hunched posture give such a noble and I might even go so far as to say sexy bearing. What’s that you say? You don’t find vultures to be so awesome? Well then, you probably don’t want to look like one. In that case, […]

Here is the law of thermodynamics (that isn’t actually one of the laws of thermodynamics) that people like Jillian Michaels insist so adamantly is the reasoning behind the idea that you have to create a caloric deficit to lose weight. Δ bodymass = calories consumed – calories burned   This basically says that the change in […]

Ladies, we need to talk. I see you. I see you at the gym doing those triceps extensions with 2-pound dumbbells. I see you doing those donkey kicks with a 2-pound dumbbell sandwiched between your plump little calf and your jiggly hamstring. Please stop. Just stop. At this point you’ve wandered so far into the […]

“Where should I be feeling this?” she asked dubiously, a look of eager anticipation in her eyes. Her elite personal trainer inhaled deeply, as if drawing upon some inner reserve of patience stored up for queries such as this. The cornflower blue letters spelling out the word “train” expanded for a moment, then contracted, as […]

Clamshells: feel the burn. Clamshells are just one of five amazingly bad choices in exercises that the fitness writers at Shape Magazine claim will take your workout from good to great. (You can read the “article” here: http://www.shape.com/fitness/workouts/5-under-appreciated-exercises-you-should-be-doing) All kidding aside, some of their exercise choices are actually good. But in general, beware of anyone […]